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Blog Post #10: From Animation to Live Action

May 7, 2012

Since the move industry has grown, the genre of animation has been adapted many time into feature length live action movies many times.  Typically done with animated series for children, many shows have seen this change such as Inspector Gadget, Scooby Doo, Smurfs, Garfield, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Obviously with the change from animation to live-action, there will be changes to the nature of the show.  But with the advancement of computer technology, most shows are able to contain their own humorous nature after the translation.




In films such as Inspector Gadget or Smurfs, the live-action versions are able to maintina their continuity witht he show, and retain the same target audience.  The result is usually a moderately successful film that generates revenues from the same people already watching the show at home.  Because of this, studios producing these pictures rarely put effort into making the film good. This reflects in the critical reviews these films get 90% of the time.  Part of the reason this happens is that the movie is aimed at children.  The same kids watching the show at home.  Therefore the plot and characters have to maintain the same level of complication as the show, which means nothing too drastic.  To the eyes of a critic this results in bad film, to the eyes of a kid, it is everything in the world seeing their favorite characters on screen.


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  1. I’ve always found live adaptations of animated shows frustrating, simply because they seem like just some way to make a quick buck for the producers. It’s not that I’m against putting a classic animated show onto the big screen in live action, it’s that I just want it done right. If the movies are written and shown with the care that some of these episodes had, then I think it would be awesome. Yes, it can be hard to introduce these characters and get them into a worthwhile plot over the course of two hours, but with the right group of people, I definitely think it can be done.

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